Top 10 best billing software in 2023

The preparation and issuance of invoices is a key process that every company must perform, and to avoid mismatches and errors it is essential to perform it with full attention to the task. However, the automation of tasks offered by today's business management software has transformed administration departments, which now allow the workload involved in carrying out invoicing tasks to be transferred to the machine.

In order for you to know the best options that exist in this regard, we have prepared a list of what we consider to be the 10 best invoicing software of the moment. Maybe it's time to modernize your company's operation even more!

1 .Debitoor

It is one of the most widely used digital invoicing platforms worldwide due to its intuitive control and the precision with which it displays the necessary information on the screen. It allows you to create invoices by automating tax and discount calculations based on the assigned parameters, showing a breakdown of accruals and deductions without errors based on the information entered.

It has OCR technology, which allows you to scan with the smartphone camera any purchase receipt to know in detail the taxes paid, the percentage applied and how that affects our economy. These calculations can be stored in the cloud to consult weekly, monthly or annual spreadsheets and establish contribution statistics over the selected period.

It is available in three different plans: the XS (4 euros per month), which has the basic functionalities and allows up to 100 documents per year; the M plan (12 euros per month), with all the functionalities included and a limit of 800 documents per year, and the Unlimited plan (24 euros per month), which has no restrictions.

2. Anfix

It is the best alternative for those looking for a business invoicing software with accompanying applications for mobiles, tablets and watches. It comes standard with a document scanning system, which allows to obtain a breakdown of the concepts and add them to statistical tables in the cloud to calculate payments in taxes, contributions and other associated concepts.

Its cloud storage system allows all the information to be consulted even on a smartwatch compatible with the accompanying application, in addition to granting access to all the banking platforms associated with the business to consult invoice receipts, payments to suppliers and other movements.

3. Billage

Actually, it is a 3-in-1 program because it has an invoicing software, a project management software and CRM. It is particularly useful for increasing the company's economic performance and avoiding expenses that compromise the accounting. It allows you to consult at a glance all the bank accounts associated with the company's treasury and it is possible to invoice with equivalence surcharge, synchronize the email address to communicate with whomever you need without closing the app, as well as to obtain periodic financial solvency analyses.

As for the project management and CRM software, it makes it easy to set up SEPA remittances: just select the customer, enter the bank details and generate the remittance, simplifying the project invoicing process.

Billage has a free plan that gives access to the processing of 60 invoices per year, a hundred customers and 5 projects. The basic plan has an unlimited invoice module for 8 euros per month, while the higher plan, at 16 euros per month, gives full access to the CMR and project manager.

4. Factusol

It offers a comprehensive solution to prepare and issue invoices automatically, while allowing to have under control the stock of our business. It is a good way to give your company a competent invoicing solution and access to collection forecasts, carry out delivery note traceability tasks and consult the volume of operations.

It is available in two versions, one 100% online and one available as a download. This allows you to access the program without slowdowns or waiting, being able to consult all the information in the cloud and relegating to the background the offline version for those moments when you do not have Internet connection.

It is one of the most widely used invoicing software because it is free to download and comes with all the features as standard. However, this version does not have support or updates, since only the annual subscription gives access to them.

5. Direct Invoice

Takes integration in business environments one step further with specific functions to promote bank reconciliation, invoice issuance and personalization, and the automatic issuance of forms for the Tax Agency.

It has synchronization options with Zapier and gives instant access to all customers and suppliers of Mailchimp and Google Drive mailing lists, being able to synchronize all the information stored in other online storage platforms to facilitate access to all of it from a single place.

It is available in three different plans: Basic (10€/month) has a limit of 100 customers and 25 products, Advanced (20€/month) has banking integration and synchronization with Zapier, and Total (40€/month), which includes all the additional accounting functions.

6. Invoice

Although its interface is not one of the most intuitive for our taste, it is one of the best for companies with an international presence that do not exceed a turnover of a thousand dollars.

It is completely free and has differentiated folders to manage customers and suppliers separately, in addition to creating specific files to store all the information related to the documentation received and sent and the reports produced.

It has a multi-screen function that allows you to view multiple folders simultaneously and zoom in on certain parts of documents to keep important data close at hand. It also has export functions to Excel and PDF to save a copy of the reports produced in their respective formats.

7. Billin

Its trump card is simplicity, as it lacks additional functions to speed up its use and be suitable for those who have not yet become familiar with the digitization of their business. It comes with predefined templates suitable for most of the reports produced in a business and allows you to store them in alphabetical or numerical order.

It includes the possibility of adding the option of direct payment in our invoices, so that the receiver can carry out the payment through Paypal or with card at the same moment of its opening.

The latest update has incorporated the document scanning function, which allows you to attach personal identification documents in case they are required to settle pending transactions.

8. Keyand Cloud

It is one of the most complete invoicing programs, since it allows you to make estimates, issue invoices and schedule their automatic sending, very useful for subscription services and payment of suppliers.

It supports integration with Amazon, payment gateways, accounting tools and CRM. In addition, if your business has a virtual store, you can access a plugin to connect it with your platform and automate the receipt of orders, expedite shipments and save time when preparing and collecting them.

It is available in Basic plan with issuance of 100 invoices for 12 euros per month, in Business plan with app scanning and bank reconciliation for 24 euros per month, and in Unlimited plan for 48 euros per month with everything included.

9. Idesoft

Although its interface is outdated, its program is still one of the best in terms of business management, offering local and paid versions both locally and online. Its invoicing software is free and is especially useful for freelancers, who need to issue their invoices on a regular basis.

It comes with an extension called Elite, which includes upgrades and additional support at no extra fee and is ideal for extending paid solutions. However, some modules do require an extra fee to extend their invoicing functionalities after the fact.

The advantage of using modules is that they allow you to fully customize the experience, providing a program that is fully tailored to your business needs.

10. Zfactura

This is one of the best options for those who prefer to prepare their invoices themselves, but want to do it in a program that has all the necessary tools to do it quickly and without errors.

It incorporates a powerful invoice manager that allows to store them by order of elaboration or collection periods, besides allowing the storage of important documentation associated with them. And it is compatible with the Facturae electronic invoice format, making it 100% suitable for sending verified documentation to public administrations.

Although fully functional, its prices are still somewhat exorbitant: a maintenance fee of 10 euros per month must be added to the Standard (99 euros), Professional (199 euros) or Personalized (399 euros) rates, which makes it an enormously restrictive application.

Our recommendation to get the best invoicing software

Even if you think you have made your decision and are going headlong into subscribing to the services of a specific invoicing software, you should take into account several considerations before formalizing your decision. The implementation of these programs will determine the inner workings of your company during the active subscription period, so you should think about your choice and not let yourself be carried away by impulses.

1.- Extra functionalities. Always take a look at the extended functionalities that the application incorporates to check if it is going to fit what your business really needs. It is not only important that the program helps you to prepare invoices and automate their sending, but also that it facilitates their export, storage and has the viewing and sending options best suited to the infrastructure of your business.

Subscription plans. Based on our experience and the opinions of previous subscribers who have made the same mistake, our recommendation is that you should always choose the most basic subscription to test its functionalities. No matter how good it looks, the trial versions or the most basic plans are always there for you to get the hang of it and see if they really suit your business.

3.- Always check the legislation. Some applications have a native version that does not take into account the Spanish tax system, so make sure that, if your company does not have subsidiaries or associates in other countries, you always choose an application that takes into account the tax laws of your country. If you want to be on the safe side, opt for those that have options to send documentation to the public administration and speed up your tax returns.

Features common to all invoicing software

All of these types of programs have similar functions that allow you to automatically create and issue invoices and payment request documents, as well as to store all the documentation relating to payments and proof of payment in an orderly manner.

However, keep in mind that not all of them work in the same way and do not have the same customization options, as the adjustable parameters and interfaces for sales reporting, stock control and balance of receipts and payments are very different.

1.- Documentation requirement. This is a complementary option available in all programs of this type, either by default or, what is more common, by adding it in the Premium versions of these programs. It is used to request specific documentation together with the payment of the amount stipulated in the invoice, so that you can have everything you need in case the Tax Agency requires some kind of complementary documentation.

2.- Payment gateways. Along with the preparation and sending of the invoice, the possibility of incorporating a payment gateway that allows you to collect the amount instantly and online, without the need for further formalities, is added.

3.- Stock control and profit balance. One of the most common extra functions in these programs is the control of the stock, which allows to make a count of the sold merchandise and of the benefits obtained by its sale, as well as to store the data to carry out reports of benefits and quarterly, half-yearly or annual expenses.

Advantages of using invoicing software

Given the enormous automation functions provided by these programs, the benefits of using an invoicing software far outweigh the time invested necessary for its implementation: automatic preparation and sending of invoices, stock control, functions associated with the request and sending of documents to the public administration or automation of payment processes are just some of the advantages offered by these softwares.

1 - Time optimization. The preparation of an invoice without errors in a continuous way allows to save a lot of time throughout the months, since not needing time to redo certain invoices payments are not delayed, which greatly streamlines the operation of the company and improves its solvency.

2 - Accurate accounting. By automating sales data, controlling stock and issuing the necessary documents and invoices by itself, an invoicing software will allow you to have absolute control over your business finances, reducing bureaucracy to facilitate its operation.

3.- Store documents more efficiently. Over time, and if your business ends up having a long life (we do not expect the opposite), your computers and systems will be a nest of documents and files that you should order in a clear way to find them when you are looking for one. Keep in mind that digital libraries and the management of these files are tools available in some of these invoicing programs, so do not hesitate to include them in your business if you need them.

4.- Have all your documents in the cloud at hand. The best thing about this tool is not that it allows you to store your files in an orderly fashion, but that it does so by synchronizing all your documents in the cloud so that you have them available in the same system. It is not uncommon to find invoicing software compatible with Drive and other cloud storage platforms.