8 best productivity software for businesses in 2023

Tracking productivity is complicated, especially with the rise of remote work and teams interacting and collaborating virtually, distributed across the globe. That's why managers tasked with tracking and monitoring the productivity level of team members require innovative and interactive tools to guide their teams to be more efficient and productive.

To help, employee productivity software provides managers with the tools to assess the quality of their team's work and improve task completion time, without micromanaging their employees' day-to-day. In this article we leave you with a list of 8 of the best productivity software of 2022.

1. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a flexible software: it can support various industries, devices and types of workers (e.g., in-office employees, remote workers, freelancers, etc). It also supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, iOS and Android devices.

It focuses on tracking employee time and improving productivity (while maintaining employee privacy). It uses mouse and keyboard activity levels to measure how active they are; instead of tracking the exact information they type (keylogging), Hubstaff assigns a "true" or "false" value to activity to indicate productivity. You can take screenshots at regular intervals, but employees can delete screenshots containing sensitive information (e.g., banking information or medical details).

Project management is included, and you can also view work in progress through a series of snapshots, which can be customized to run at specific time intervals or simply shut down completely. Integrations are also available, making it easy to run Hubstaff alongside other staff tools.

2. Time doctor

Time Doctor provides detailed information and analysis on the amount of time an employee spends on tasks. This helps employees better manage their time and helps managers explore the extent of their productivity, while providing feedback on how to improve it.

With several feature sets, including project management, time tracking and employee monitoring, this solution helps employees easily share productivity reports. Managers receive weekly progress reports outlining employee time tracking statistics to help maximize productivity in the future. Companies can seamlessly integrate Time Doctor with most project management and internal communication platforms and track employee time with ease.

3. ProofHub

ProofHub is a great way to decentralize communication between team members and customers. It integrates chats from internal messaging tools like Slack and MS Teams, and offers internal workflows to help streamline communication, push projects to completion, and allow remote teams to stay connected.

Also, it has the option of customization to suit different teams and working methods. The easy-to-use interface further simplifies end-to-end project planning, giving managers an at-a-glance view of all open and completed tasks and to-do lists. In case of obstacles, ProofHub also uses organizational tools to present team members with contextual files and process documentation to help them find solutions to problems as they occur.

4. Teramind

Teramind is a comprehensive employee monitoring solution that helps team managers track the work, engagement levels and activities of their employees. It also monitors employee behavior to detect insider threats, suspicious activity and safeguard confidential information.

Teramind offers three different solutions: Starter, UAM and DLP. Starter helps team leaders record screens, receive live viewing of applications and websites to track employees' work. UAM helps with user activity monitoring, forensic audit analysis and policy regulations. Finally, DLP tracks and filters content that may indicate data loss and prevent it in the future.

5. ActivTrak

ActivTrak is an affordable and easy-to-use employee productivity monitoring software best suited for SMBs, especially those managing a remote team. It integrates with hundreds of different platforms, including starter templates that sync with the variety of ecosystems from Google Cloud, Microsoft and Salesforce suites, leveraging those native capabilities, especially those in the analytics industry.

ActivTrak allows managers to access and evaluate employee performance through its easy-to-understand dashboard. This dashboard provides insights and drills down into employee productivity data to improve workflow understanding, thereby improving overall productivity levels through better processes. Its time tracking functionality further supports analytics functions to measure employee performance.

6. Insightful (Workpuls)

Insightful relies on productivity monitoring data to create workforce and productivity information. It also enables managers to organize their project schedules, budget for increased revenue, and provide accurate project information to stay on top of progress.

Monitor activities in real time so you can get an up-to-date view of your team's activities. You can track an employee's attendance and users have the additional capability of manual time entries, allowing them to adjust their work hours to accurately reflect the time they worked.

You can also track employee productivity, website and application usage, as well as the amount of time they spend on each project or task.

With Insightful's new organization-level productivity tagging tool, you can quickly assign users' activities and applications as productive, neutral or unproductive on a large scale. Tracking how employees engage in these activities can be useful for measuring efficiency and estimating timelines for future projects.

7. InterGuard

For companies that need to monitor remote staff, InterGuard's software tracks start and end times, lunch breaks, geographic locations, and inactive or active time.

The software has a six-view dashboard. There is a graph view for executives, user view for human resources and managers, alert log view for security technology, data view, report and notification view, and a search view. The user view is the most popular with remote teams, showing active, neutral and inactive times.

InterGuard monitors applications, email, website searches, social networking, website history, files, chats and printing behavior. With keystroke logging, you can set up alerts for specific or suspicious keywords. In addition, you can use web filtering and block websites or applications that do not comply with your company's policies.

8. Veriato

Veriato is a robust employee monitoring and insider threat detection solution suitable for companies in the financial, healthcare, technology, government and manufacturing sectors. It gives companies a complete view of employee behavior and control over what you want to monitor.

Large enterprises can use Veriato software for remote employee monitoring. As well as workplace productivity, insider threat detection, employee investigations, data loss prevention and forensics.


Employee productivity is a very important factor in the success of a company. That's why monitoring productivity levels can help employees realize their full potential and help companies grow. With the help of the best employee productivity software, you can help reduce unproductive hours, ensuring that projects are completed on time.